Wednesday, June 3, 2015

time for tea

Drinking pink pepper tea / cup and tea ball from Indiska (Sweden) / bowl souvenir from Turkey

I can finally breath again, I've gotten my appetite back and I was able to sleep very well last night. Yesterday I had my Bachelor Thesis defense and I can tell you: I was freaking out..  Never have I ever done something like it so I didn't know what to expect at all. My research project was so complex and consisted of a lot of different things so I didn't know if I explained everything clear in my paper.  I definitely worked my butt of trying to keep up with the high work load since we had to fight against stopping the current Ebola outbreak.

This year was a tough one, but it ended great. All together I scored 9 out of 10 (9.0 lab work, 9.2 thesis, 8.5 defense) and I couldn't be more happier about it. Also the thought that I contributed to the great work Crucell delivers, makes me feel appreciated and grateful. Time to breath and be proud of the great accomplishments. I deserved it.

Thursday it is time to say goodbye to my colleagues. I wish them all the luck in the world and hope that they keep up the good work. Is it strange to say that I'll miss them? I actually feel a bit sad and guilty about leaving cause I know they could use all the help they can get. Big credits to the most hard working people in the world!

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