Monday, April 13, 2015

party weekend on Texel


I picked up some classmates from Leiden Central station and drove to Texel. I had to drop off one of my coleques on the way, because there was a major power failure in the North of Holland (no trains!). She bought me a Linda magazine in return, how cute of her! :-) The whole train thing was also the reason why one of our classmates couldn't make it because she was stuck somewhere at a station.. Sucked big time, booooo NS!! We arrived past dinner time, so what we did: we went straight to the bar and played lots of fun games (yes, drinking involved). We played Stef de Stuntpiloot and some pool. We had a great time and chatted a lot because we don't see eachother that often.

Stef de Stuntpiloot



We woke up, surprisingly fit.. We desided to have a big breakfast together and later that day go to the beach on our bikes to chill there and go to the beach club. GREAT idea when it's storming and rainy all day haha. Before we went biking, Gizem shot some outfit pics for me because the scenery was pretty cool (and as you can see, I was struggling with the wind a bit). I changed clothes because it was so GD cold but after that I was ready for take off. What happend next: One of the tires of the bike I was suppose to ride on, EXPLODED! Thank god no one got hurt! I had to find a bike that could take me to the beach and I found one that wasn't locked. I had to bike on a pre-historical bicycle without proper pedle. To be more specific.. I had one pedle.. Again, GREAT idea ;). And damn I hurt my knee, I still walk cripple haha. When we got to the beach we walked around a bit but we saw almost nothing because of the sand-storm-thingy that was going on so we almost imidiately went to the beach club. We had some hot coco and fries! 
Test pic to check the settings with this hot mommaaa. <3 Why doesn't the wind bother her? Look at me..

fml f'reakn wind

stupid Oscar and his broem

Voor de klapband kon ik nog lachen

deze schaapies poseren graag

"Bende van Ellende"

Good that I brought sunblock with me cuz as you can see the sun was pretty strong

everything was soaked



When we got home from biking, I had to lay down in bed and thaw because I was completely frozen! Took a shower after that and went to the kitchen where Gizem was already making her famous "Tuna pasta (with her mom's home made tomato sauce)". So gooood! After that more classmates arrived on the island, so we went to the bar again to have a party. We were all pretty tired but after a few drinks everybody found their last bit of energy. We had a sick fun night. Love these people <3. 

Love this gal. I'm happy that she's back in Gouda <3

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