Monday, May 16, 2016

cause it is ladies night

Here are some snapshots from the ladies night! Hope you like it!

This is how my hair and makeup for the evening looked. I chose to match my makeup with my kaftan cause I love the color! I put on lots of highlighter too.. ;-)

Setting up all the clothes and shoes. The ladies still had no idea what was going on! This was in the little side room so they couldn't see anything.

Mums! (picture from facebook)

My lovely models all dressed up!! Don't they look smashing?!

A selfie before the lucky ladies arrived and a picture from the little fashion demonstration in front of the rest of the people (picture from facebook). They even did a runway walk with a pose in the end! How professional?! ;-)

There was also someone from Mary Kay who was talking about beauty. She brought three big bags with her full of makeup and beauty products. Jealous!

I got a little thank you gift from the girls who organized the whole evening. Thank you Frida and Charlotte for inviting me! I had a lot of fun! 
(Btw, almost gave my flowers away on the buss to a man who payed my ticket. I had forgotten my code of my bankcard.. But he was being really nice and told me it was all good and to keep my flowers! Gosh, who forgets their code? I'm really bad with numbers and now that I'm in Sweden I have four bankcards and a new phone number. Haha, sometimes I wonder how I ended up on a University...)

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