Friday, January 9, 2015

touch of pink

coat - Ti Amo / scarf - pieces / beanie, sunnies, bag - H&M / gloves - HEMA

Okay, so, helloooooo blog, long time no seeee.. I've been so busy with my internship that I barely have any free time left. The company I work for this whole school year is currently working on a vaccine for Ebola and I'm deeply involved in the viral safety of this vaccine so things are super duper mega turbo hectic. Also nice of my boss that he was actually considering to cancel my vacantion so that I could do more experiments on the lab. I kinda panicked because I had fun things planned and I also didn't wanna work on X-mas (duh). Luckely someone else was nice enough to cover for me so that I had some space to breath.

M. came to visit me for New Year's and I really had the best time. It was just what I needed, him and me, all alone and have fun. Here we went to the Royal Zoo in Amsterdam, It was so friggin' cold that day so that called for a warm outfit. How cute is this beanie btw? It goes perfectly with my sunnies. :) More pictures of my time with M. will come up here a little later.

So long <3

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