Sunday, October 4, 2015

gold DIY

I bought some golden spray paint for less than 100 SEK at a local craft store so time to pimp up this house of mine! I'll show you what I did step by step so if you like the result you can do it at home too :-).

1. Supplies: You'll need some spray-on paint (I chose gold), rubbing alcohol, tape (and old newspapers) and some jars and other things you don't mind spraying. I went for jars, bottles and this cute wooden moose.

2. Cleaning: If you're using jars, make sure that there is nothing left from the label. Using hot water can help making the glue come off easier if you're having trouble with that. Once that is taken care of, you want to make everything as oil-free as possible and I used rubbing alcohol for this. You do this because you don't want the paint to come off that easily. (I did not use rubbing alcohol on the wooden elk)

3. Design: Take your tape and old newspapers and create designs that you like. Make sure the edges are straight and tight so that you get sharp edges. Watch out with your fingers: you can leave some grease on the glass so you might want to wipe it again with rubbing alcohol.

4. Spray: SPRAY! Make sure to do it outside or in a ventilated area (cause I didn't and almost died). Let dry for a good 30 min before taking off the paper/tape.

5. Time to reveal: take off the tape and check out your pimped up items!

How cool does this look?! I used the small jars to put my make up brushes in and it looks really nice and fresh.
The bottle I might use to put a nice dried flower and may look really good on the balcony table.
Mister Moose got a spot in our bookcase and the golden man we are gonna use to grow herbs in (then he finally grows some hair)!
I love how it turned out and I am definitely not done spray painting yet!

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