Wednesday, September 10, 2014

these cuties are on their way

I really promise that this will be my last shopping in a while. But for now I'm just buying some things that I just CAN'T resist. 1. Here 2. Here 3. Here

Sunday, September 7, 2014

pink panter

This is what I wore on the day of the ModeMusthaves event. Simple but cute: It works every time for me! To see what Vera is wearing you can head over to her blog, just click here. 

// pants, top- H&M / cardigan - primark / bag - accesorize / flowercrown - Glitter (Kenza is doing a campaign with glitter right now!) / necklace - Gina Tricot / watch - regal / shoes - Somewhere from Sweden //

ModeMusthaves pop-up store

Yayyyy, didn't see this girl in aaaages but last weekend me and Vera had a nice trip to Amsterdam to visit the ModeMusthaves pop-up store. MM is really my style so I was really excited about the pop up store and also the fact that they had huuuge discount that day. I was able to buy some nice items for a good deal, will show them later. I really think me and Vera need to make more trips like this because I had so much fun that day. 


Saturday, September 6, 2014

where do I belong?

when I lived in Umea

It was really weird to be back in the place where a lot of things in my life changed. I met some pretty awesome people there and they will always be part of my memory of Umea. It's funny that, even though I was only there for half a year, those people will be my friends for life. Now I was there alone with M. and it made me think about my future plans. How nice would it be to be back there once more and continue my life where it ''ended''. I really feel like Umea is my home, and I miss it a lot. I had a great week with a great man, my man. <3


Here is the makeup look I created with the eyeshadow palette that came with the Veckorevyn. I used the dark brown and gold colours on my eyes. I didn't brought any other eyeshadows with me so I couldn't make a look with matt colours in it as well, so I kinda look like a discoball here, hehe. The kimono and earrings I'm wearing are from Primark.

Friday, September 5, 2014

addicted to magazines

When I was in Sweden to visit M.'s family, I of course had to buy magazines for myself. I bought a Veckorevyn because Victoria was on the cover and she is from Umea, so I thought that was pretty could since that was the city I lived in. The VR came with an eyeshadow palette with 6 colours. All 6 colours are really shiny so it will look perfect if you go for a glamour-eye. I used the eyeshadows a few times now, but they do crease a bit. I didn't use any primer, so maybe that will help preventing the creasing. I'll show you the look I created with these colours later this week.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello Sweden, time for shopping

Here is an old OOTD from when me and M. went to Sweden to visit his family before it was time to say goodbye to him. He's now studying in the States and I miss that silly guy already. I hope I'll see him soon again! <3

top, earrings, belt - H&M / watch - regal / shoes - Somewhere from Sweden / the rest - Primark