Sunday, July 13, 2014


Vecko Revyn is a Swedish blogger magazine. Blogging is pretty big in Sweden, so why not buy all the magazines I could find there? VR features a lot of Swedish celeb-bloggers who share their stories behind the succes. I think it's really inspiring to read stories about the people behind the blog, for example Fanny Lyckman and also to keep practicing my Swedish.

Monday, July 7, 2014

orange fever

When Holland had to play against Mexico, me and Vera went to Amsterdam to watch the game at Museumplein along with another few thousand people. If you're not Dutch, you should know one thing about us: We love our soccerteam and everyone here supports them for a hunderd procent!

It was such a crazy game, my god it was so tensive. When Sneijder scored a goal with only a few minutes left, we still got a chance to win from Mexico. Then we got a penalty with only two minutes left and Kuyt scored the 2-1! We won and and we still have a chance to become world champion!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

between the lines

Line the lip! My newest obsession with my liproutine is to use a slightly darker lipliner than my lipstick for a old-school liplook. I think it makes your lips look bigger and it kinda looks like I'm a member of The Sugababes hehe (Okay, I hope I won't let it come that far ). Btw, whatcha think of my new hair? I still need to get use to the shorter look, but at least it's super healthy and I love that my hair finally shines again! xx

lipliner - Essence lipliner nr. 11 "In The Nude"
lipstick - Catrice ultimate Colour nr. 010 "Be Natural"